28 Day Femme Health Course

Balance your hormones, find inner peace and optimize your energy levels so you can ooze orgasmic blissful energy

You no longer need to live in pain with your period... I am going to help you naturally heal menstrual disorders like: 


❣️Mood Swings

❣️Irregular, absent & heavy periods


❣️Blood Clots



❣️Uterine Fibroids 

As a Holistic Health Coach, I help women understand their body, their female reproductive system, nervous system and Ayurvedic tools for living in tune with their deepest soul.

This course is an offering from my heart...everything I've learned over the last 11 years as a yoga teacher, spiritual guide, Ayurvedic nutritionist and powerful entrepreneur about living in tune with the hormonal fluctuations of being a goddess. 

A place to be if you are seeking a kundalini awakening of sorts. 

An adventure into your shakti, what I call the deep feminine galaxies.

Come ready to remember who you truly are. 

A space where I will help you unfog the mirror and see your greatest destiny.

Some things you will learn...

🕊 How to heal PMS, intense mood swings and severe period cramps

🕊 How to get rid of numbness and pelvic pain so you can experience full body, mind-blowing multi-orgasmic pleasure

🕊 How to stop mood swings from super positive to insanely depressed during that time of the month

🕊 How to navigate heavy thoughts, exhaustion, brain fog and the judgment towards yourself when you aren't motivated

🕊 How to easily lose or gain weight because you have the tools to understand your body

🕊 How to become fertile (with a baby or your dreams and passions) and stabilize your cycle after being too light

🕊 How to get your appetite and energy back in a natural way

🕊 How to heal lackluster hair, nails and hormonal acne

🕊 How to get rid of blood clots and extra long periods (7 days or more)

🕊 How to express hard emotions safely and stop self-isolating because you bottle up anger and pop

🕊 How to feel immensely connected to your body and soul so you can say and do whatever you need to love yourself

🕊 How to make big decisions in your life and business with ease and flow

🕊 How to stop feeling frustrated, wallowing in sadness, self-judgment and making decisions from this place of confusion

🕊 How to stop binge eating, skipping meals, succumbing to sugar cravings and begin eating like a goddess

🕊 How to feel confident with money, your business, life and overall well-being

🕊 How to stop self-sabotaging, rushing, overworking and feeling the pressure of the modern world

Course Content 

Reclaiming your feminine energy is about being well-nourished. Essential for your female hormones to function properly. Healthy menstruation is what gives you feminine characteristics….strong hair/nails, glowing skin, elegant energy, peace, calm, being in touch with your intuition and creative energy. Over 28 days together, you will learn everything you need to know about...



Nutrition to balance your hormones + feel amazing in your body. With easy step-by-step instructions with food so you can heal your hormones and feel amazing in your body.



Understand how the endocrine system, hormones, and feminine energy works so you can always give it what it needs. Boost your metabolism, feel orgasmic & experience kundalini awakenings daily.



Nourish your feminine health through cycle syncing- mind, body and spirit. Sync your cycle with your food, workouts, lifestyle with holistic Ayurvedic principles so that you'll never burn out again.



Find and clear out energetically what is causing stress in your body & imbalance in your body. Making this shift will allow you to effortlessly uplevel your life, mind, body and goals.


IMAGINE...every. damn. person. you. walk past. breaks. their neck. you are an absolute knockout siren enchantress because you are ready to grace the cover of magazines like forbes, businessweek and fortune, you know life is too short to be anything other than an absolute sexpot seductress.

Let the results speak for themselves...


Since we had our meeting a few months ago my cycle has continued to normalize and be easier and more FUN. Yes, FUN. I love my luteal phase because I understand my emotions so lashout less and enjoy food more!!! MOST importantly- FOOOOD!!! 😍 🔥👏❤️🙌


Margie, as I reflect on this past year, all of my growth as a woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a provider; tremendous gratitude is outpouring from my heart to yours.
You initiated the awakening of my deeply malnourished divine feminine and through your practices I’ve learned to nourish Her and truly embody my Queen Spirit.
Not only have I revived my physical body, aligned my cycle with the moon, passed this wisdom on to my clients and patients but I’ve developed my intuitive gifts in mediumship, premonition and have learned how to deeply respect the FUCK NO energy when I feel it, establish healthy boundaries and honor my sovereignty.
Thank you Margie 🙏🏻


 Wanted to send you a quick message telling you since I started slowing down and healing my adrenal glands and working within my doshas that I have been feeling SOOO much better!!! Even with this month's moon cycle I am ENJOYING my flow!!! Never!!! Ever!!! Did I believe I would be saying that!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 

🥰 Much love and light being sent your way💕


I have been in perimenopause and MISERABLE with symptoms for 2½ years and I recently saw u say "cramps and pms are not normal!" I took several of your tips to heart and to the pot.

yup yoni steams for the win and some herbs u recommended and I feel better than I have felt since I've been a woman

no cramps, shorter cycles, no spotting and almost all my perimenopause symptoms have subsided. So TYSVM and I feel like I owe u one or a dozen somethings.


What's included

  • Feminine Health Course to balance your hormones and heal your period

  • 28 days of emails straight to your inbox
  •  Full video tutorials for yoga, breathwork, meditation, & journaling

I am so ready, MP!
Hi, I'm Margie!

 Fitness has always been “my thing” from the time I was four when my dad taught me to run. By 6, I was leading the warm up in PE class. Then to shortly after start breaking records in track. There were no girls to compete against so I started going up against the boys. I spent most of my childhood training hard, dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading & then eventually competing in college sports and beyond. I’ve been on the cover of fitness magazines, in commercials, and even named one of top inspirational women of bodybuilding. I don’t do sports for fun. I have always done them for the gold. That is my standard. I have achieved unbelievable results in my body and that has carried out into all areas of my life, especially my business. Working with me will allow you to find a deep feminine strength that will stay with you forever. 

Let me tell you though...I am not a coach because I am always strong.  

I went through a dark place in my life when I got hit by a car walking and almost died.

Without my physical strength, the ability to carry on with my business like normal and even worse, being stuck in a foreign place with no support...I started going through intense PMS.

My journey of healing menstrual imbalances was deep.  I suffered from extreme mood swings that debilitated me moving forward with my life, my business, my relationships and health.

I found myself in a rock bottom, unable to cope. So many repressed memories of sexual trauma from my childhood (decades earlier) came flooding in that it completely overwhelmed my body.

At my worst, I had 13 inflammations in my body from cystic acne, my face covered in dermatitis, my right leg went numb....i was depressed and angry. It was not just about cleaning up my diet or doing more yoga. I had to get to the root cause. That's part of what we will do together to get you back to your optimal energy levels. 

You deserve to have support through this journey. It can be hard and scary, I am here for you.